ASI to IP Converter CW-4441, CW-4442, CW-4443

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Product Details

Compact structured converter designed to translate ASI sreams to IP network. It is capable of receiving 12 ASI
streams and forward them towards several destinations through IP network.

Main features:

✔ Web based user interface
✔ Separate management port
✔ 4, 8 or 12 ASI inputs
✔ Hi-Speed ASI
✔ Grounded inputs
✔ receptacle for SFP (Mini GBIC) module
✔ VLAN tagging
✔ Software upgrade over web interface
✔ LED indicators of the active inputs
✔ Built-in TS analyzer
✔ FPGA circuitry
✔ Extremely low power consumption
✔ Long lifespan
✔ High reliability


Ordering data:
CW-4441 ASI to IP Converter 4 ASI inputs, IP outputs
CW-4442 ASI to IP Converter 8 ASI inputs, IP outputs
CW-4443 ASI to IP Converter 12 ASI inputs, IP outputs